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09:05, 20 August 2017 Sunday
11:45, 19 August 2017 Saturday

Saudi commandos to secure govt sites in Yemen s Aden

Southern city of Aden currently serves as temporary HQ for Yemen’s internationally recognized government

13:43, 14 August 2017 Monday

Cholera cases in Yemen hit half-million mark

Case number rapidly approaching ICRC projection of 600,000 infections by end-2017  

13:30, 13 August 2017 Sunday

Violence kills 11 in southern Yemen

Yemen has remained in the throes of a bloody civil war since 2014

15:29, 11 August 2017 Friday

Yemeni activist says brother disappeared by Houthis

Noble prize winner Tawakkol Karman says brother missing for month in Sanaa  

05:04, 11 August 2017 Friday

Bomb attack kills politician in Yemen

Abdel Razzaq al-Sarrari belonged to Islah party, political front of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen

17:56, 10 August 2017 Thursday

13 missing migrants in Yemen's sea

Survivors managed to make their way to Shabwa province, along Yemen's Arabian Sea coastline, which is now under the control of Yemeni troops backed by the United States.

01:06, 10 August 2017 Thursday

Up to 50 teen migrants 'deliberately drowned' off Yemen

Approximate average age of passengers on the boat was 16, UN migration agency says

17:45, 08 August 2017 Tuesday

Suicide bomber kills three Yemen soldiers

The assailant used an explosives-rigged car to target the troops loyal to President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi who had recently set up the position in the town of Loder in Abyan province in their fight against the jihadists, the officials said.

11:31, 08 August 2017 Tuesday

Saudi-led coalition denies attack on Yemeni civilians

The coalition says UN humanitarian coordinator's statements were based on 'personal estimates'

12:15, 07 August 2017 Monday

More than 200 children killed in Yemen in 2017 UN

UNICEF says at least 1,546 children have been killed in three-year conflict in Yemen  

16:10, 01 August 2017 Tuesday

Violence kills 11 in southwestern Yemen

Yemen has remained in a state of civil war since 2014

14:28, 30 July 2017 Sunday

Houthi rebels claim attack on UAE warship in Yemen

Saudi-led coalition says port was attacked by remote-controlled boat packed with explosives

12:24, 30 July 2017 Sunday

Clashes near Yemen's Mokha kill more than 40 troops

Fighting has intensified around the Khaled Ibn al-Walid military base east of Mokha since government forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition seized it from the Huthi rebels last week.

14:12, 29 July 2017 Saturday

Cholera has killed 1 992 people in Yemen WHO

WHO has recorded 419,804 suspected cholera cases in Yemen since April 27

05:08, 27 July 2017 Thursday

Saudi soldier killed near Yemen border

Border areas between Yemen and Saudi Arabia have recently seen an escalation of clashes

16:05, 25 July 2017 Tuesday

Red Cross visits Houthi prisoners in Yemen s Taiz

The visit was the first since Yemen fell into civil war in 2014  

15:40, 25 July 2017 Tuesday

Cholera kills 1 869 people in Yemen WHO

WHO says 396,086 suspected cholera cases have been recorded in Yemen  

14:15, 23 July 2017 Sunday

ICRC says 600 000 Yemenis could contract cholera in 2017

One in every 45 Yemenis will have contracted the disease by December as "a direct consequence of a conflict that has devastated civilian infrastructure and brought the whole health system to its knees," the ICRC said in a statement.

15:09, 21 July 2017 Friday

UN estimates 11 000 civilians killed in Yemeni conflict

UN spokesman says 1,140 children have been killed since 2015

14:32, 21 July 2017 Friday

UN blames Saudi-led coalition for deadly Yemen strike

The attack on Tuesday in the Mawza district of the southwestern province of Taez killed at least 20 people, including four children, according to residents. 

15:26, 18 July 2017 Tuesday

Cholera epidemic kills over 1 800 in Yemen WHO

UN agency says capital Sanaa among provinces hardest-hit by the disease

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