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22:45, 27 May 2018 Sunday
14:31, 09 April 2018 Monday

EU's Juncker 'will congratulate' Orban election win

Orban's win looks set to prolong Budapest's fractious, confrontational relationship with the EU.

10:25, 09 April 2018 Monday

Hungary's Fidesz-KDNP coalition wins general elections

Over 5 million people cast their votes to elect 199 members of parliament

17:09, 08 April 2018 Sunday

The Hungarian election system

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban returned to power in 2010 with a two-thirds parliamentary majority that allowed him to rewrite the election rules.

12:52, 08 April 2018 Sunday

Hungarians vote in keenly-watched poll

Orban has clashed with EU institutions over his moves to clamp down on civil society and his fiery anti-immigration rhetoric, but he has drawn plaudits from other nationalist politicians and those on the far-right who look to him as an inspiration.

18:22, 05 April 2018 Thursday

Hungarian envoy praises Turkey on EU s security

Hungary supports Turkey’s EU accession process, says Hungarian Ambassador Gabor Kiss  

11:36, 30 March 2018 Friday

Orban's opponents foul over corruption claims

The NGO Transparency International disagrees. In its latest world corruption perceptions index, based on surveys by experts, Hungary languished at the bottom of the EU countries surveyed, with only Bulgaria judged more corrupt.

14:14, 26 March 2018 Monday

UN agency condemns Hungary's harsh stance on refugees

Hungarian authorities only allow approximately 7-8 asylum applications per week, says UN official

13:58, 07 December 2017 Thursday

EU takes Hungary to court over 'anti-Soros' laws

The move underscores the EU's toughening stance toward both the government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his right-wing allies in Poland over the bloc's democracy norms and migration.

10:23, 13 September 2017 Wednesday

UN official criticizes Hungary's refugee policies

Refugee protection and security can be accomplished at the same time, says UN high commissioner for refugees

12:20, 08 September 2017 Friday

Hungary 'respects' EU migrant ruling but vows to fight on

"Hungary is a European Union member, so the bloc's treaties must be respected and the court's rulings must be acknowledged," the populist leader said in a radio interview.

12:37, 06 September 2017 Wednesday

Hungary Slovakia lose fight against EU migration deal

European Court of Justice dismisses Slovakia, Hungary's case against relocating of asylum seekers

17:15, 22 July 2017 Saturday

Hungary vows to save Poland from EU 'inquisition'

"In the interest of Europe and in the spirit of the old Hungarian-Polish friendship, the inquisition campaign against Poland can never lead to success," Orban said during a visit in Romania.

22:04, 19 July 2017 Wednesday

Hungary bomb threat halts international trains

"An unidentified male called to say that he had placed a bomb on an international train travelling through Hungary," police said in a statement.

14:55, 13 July 2017 Thursday

EU takes on Hungary over NGO law targeting Soros

The move came hours after the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban said it would end a poster campaign attacking Soros that has been accused of anti-Semitism.

15:11, 30 June 2017 Friday

PM Yildirim invites Hungary to invest in Turkey

Hungarian investors should benefit from incentives in order to achieve bilateral trade target, says Turkish PM

10:48, 28 June 2017 Wednesday

Refugees in Europe not welcomed in Hungary

Hungarian PM says refugees should be moved "out of Europe"

16:47, 13 June 2017 Tuesday

Hungary passes tough anti-foreign NGO law

A new law, passed by 130 votes to 44, will force groups receiving more than 24,000 euros ($26,000) annually in overseas funding to register as a "foreign-supported organisation", or risk closure for non-compliance.

13:45, 22 May 2017 Monday

Hungarians march against crackdown on universities NGOs

A crowd estimated at 10,000 people by local media waved European Union flags and chanted "Democracy! Freedom for Hungary!" as they made their way toward the parliament building, escorted by police cars.

01:05, 06 May 2017 Saturday

EU official angers Hungary with 'anti-Semitism' charge

Hungary's foreign ministry said Timmermans "should resign from his post after having accused Hungary's Prime Minister and the country's government of anti-Semitism".

17:16, 28 April 2017 Friday

Hungary completes second anti-migrant fence

"Hungary is defending its border, and the Schengen zone at the same time," Karoly Kontrat, an interior ministry state secretary, told a press conference in  Roszke beside the fence on Hungary's southern frontier.

12:31, 16 April 2017 Sunday

University protests 'secondary' to migration Hungary PM

A higher education bill fast-tracked through parliament on April 5 has been widely seen as directly targeting the Central European University (CEU), founded by US billionaire George Soros in 1991.

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