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Free Syrian Army marches on to Lazkiya
Free Syrian Army marches on to Lazkiya
Battles rage on in Turkish-Syrian border town Kasab

The FSA is said to be moving on to Lazkiya after capturing the regime's last border post with Turkey.

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Battles continue to rage on in the Syrian border town of Kasab, two days after a Turkish F-16 fighter jet shot down a Syrian warplane which came down in the region after crossing into Turkish airspace.

The Syrian regime is continuing to shell the town, which was taken by opposition forces just days ago, taking the regime's last border post with Turkey. Warplanes bombed the town four times around 12:00 local time. As smoke began to rise from the town, gunfire could be heard from the ground and the skies.

Barrel bombs are also reportedly being dropped from regime helicopters.

The Free Syrian Army is now reported to be marching on to Anfal, just north of Lazkiya, which is a key strategic position along the Mediterranean coast. The armed opposition force is also said to have attacked the regime's military airbase in Deyruzzor.

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