100 killed in Darfur tribal violence

100 people died on Saturday after rival tribes in Sudan's Darfur came to blows.

100 killed in Darfur tribal violence

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Messiria and Salamat tribes in Sudan 's Darfur region clashed on Saturday, leaving at least 100 people dead, according to the official Sudan Radio.

"Clashes broke out between Messiria and Salamat tribes in Um Dokhon area in Central Darfur State, which resulted in the killing of around 100 people and injuring of dozens," the radio reported.

Local authorities and security forces intervened to bring the fighting to an end. In a separate incident, Assudan Newspaper claimed that Chadian soldiers were among those killed in clashes in Um Dokhon.

Quoting a "humanitarian source", the paper wrote "Chadian soldiers, who were part of a joint Sudanese-Chadian patrol on the border, were killed during the battles between the two tribes in Darfur region."

According to China’s Xinhua Net website, the United Nations warned against outbreak of tribal clashes between the Messiria and Salamat tribes Darfur just two days ago. 136 people died in clashes between the two tribes in last June and July.

Official figures show that 4,000 people have fled their homes as a result of the tribal tension, which adds a new dimension to the civil conflict that has troubled the region since 2003.

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