500 Muslims abandoned in Central African town

42 Muslims from Peuhl tribe have died since April, others have been diagnosed with malaria and tuberculosis.

500 Muslims abandoned in Central African town

World Bulletin / News Desk

In the statement made by the United Nations Refugee council, due to ongoing ethnic conflict in the Central African Republic capital city of Bangui, 474 Peuhl Muslims have become stranded for months in Yaloke, 200km away from the capital.

The statement outlined how the Muslims there are suffering from malnutrition and are going through an epidemic – 30% of these individuals had contacted malaria and 6 of them were diagnosed with tuberculosis. Escaping from the conflict, 42 had died since April, and that the remainder had become malnourished as a result of poor and insufficient nutrition.

In the statement, the group had been threatened by anti-Balaka militants and that they needed to be immediately moved away to safer areas and that these Muslims needed emergency humanitarian aid should be delivered.

The Peuhl tribe is the only Muslim group and that due to being in a dangerous unsafe area, they cannot move more than 500 metres and that they were in need of immediate international aid. According to UN statistics, the religious and ethnic conflict that has been ongoing for two years in the country of 440,000 has meant that 190,000 have had to migrate to neighbouring countries.

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