87 dead in Sahara desert, Niger

At least 87 people have died after being stranded in the Sahara desert, in Niger.

87 dead in Sahara desert, Niger

World Bulletin / News Desk

87 bodies of migrant workers have been recovered from the Saharan desert in Niger. It is believed that they died from dehydration after they became stranded in the desert in late September or early October.

The bodies were already decomposed, most probably eaten by jackals, rescue worker Almoustapha Alhacen said.

Women and children were also among the dead as migrant workers were often accompanied by their families. Every year, 80,000 people cross the border from Niger into Algeria.

Alhacen told a news source that two vehicles that the migrants were travelling in broke down. Official were made aware when 10 people who had set out on foot made it to Arlit, a centre for uranium mining north of Agadez.

"We found them in different locations in a 20km (12mile) radius and in small groups, often under trees, or under the sun. Sometimes a mother and children, but some lone children too," he said.

48 of the dead were said to be children or teenagers.

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