Algerian army to remain removed from politics

‘Military knows limits of its constitutional mandate,’ Algerian army chief-of-staff asserts 

Algerian army to remain removed from politics

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Algerian military will not involve itself in domestic politics, a top military official reiterated on Thursday.

“The military knows the limits of its constitutional mandate and cannot involve itself in political disputes,” Army Chief-of-Staff Ahmed Gaid Salah said in an address delivered to graduating army cadets.

Salah made the assertion in apparent response to remarks by Abderrazak Makri, head of the Movement of Society for Peace, Algeria’s largest Islamic party.

Makri recently called on Algeria’s military to guarantee the North African country’s transition to democracy.

“The army does not -- and will not -- tolerate any encroachments [by the military] that could lead to chaos,” Salah said on Thursday.

The fourth term of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika is now in its final year, with Algeria planning to hold its next presidential poll sometime next spring.

Bouteflika, 81, reportedly has yet to decide whether or not he will run for a fifth term in office.


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