Anti-coup bloc to take Egypt's 'military coup' to ICC

London-based Arab Human Rights Committee initiates procedures to sue "coup leaders" and impose travel bans on them.

Anti-coup bloc to take Egypt's 'military coup' to ICC

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A coalition of groups supporting ousted president Mohamed Morsi is seeking to take the architects of the July 3 "military coup" against the elected leader to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

"We are taking steps to get UN approval to bring a lawsuit against [army chief Abdel-Fattah] al-Sisi before the ICC," Ihab Shiha, chairman of the Salafist Asalah Party and member of the pro-Morsi National Alliance for the Defense of Legitimacy, told Anadolu Agency.

According to Shiha, the London-based Arab Human Rights Committee has initiated procedures to sue "coup leaders" and impose travel bans on them.

Shiha said that a rights delegation had set out for Geneva on Tuesday to meet members of the UN Commission on Human Rights and the European Parliament to "expose" the crimes of Egypt's new military-backed rulers.

"We're documenting the coup's massacres at protests and sit-ins and exposing their violations," he said.

Morsi – Egypt's first freely elected leader – was removed from power by the military following massive demonstrations against his presidency that began on June 30.

The unconstitutional change of government on July 3 is described by the ousted president's backers as a "military coup," while supporters of the move call it a military-backed "popular uprising."

According to Shiha, leaders of the coup are trying to portray Morsi's overthrow as a "revolution."

"But they have failed," he asserted, "and have succeeded in gaining recognition from only six countries, including Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which finance the coup."

Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait have pledged a combined total of $12 billion to support Egypt's precarious economy in the wake of Morsi's ouster.

Shiha said Morsi supporters were not pinning their hopes on the West to end the coup. "We're only trying to strip the coup of international legitimacy," he said.

He went on to insist that any initiative aimed at resolving Egypt's current political crisis should be based on the "restoration of [democratic] legitimacy" and the prosecution of those responsible for killing unarmed protesters. 

On Sunday, the pro-Morsi coalition reiterated demands for the restoration of "constitutional legitimacy," Morsi's reinstatement, and the reactivation of Egypt's suspended 2012 constitution and dissolved parliament.

The alliance also set two more conditions for holding dialogue with the military-backed government: retribution for protesters killed following Morsi's ouster, and "flexibility" vis-à-vis demands voiced by anti-Morsi protesters on June 30, including those for snap presidential polls.

"There is no alternative to [democratic] legitimacy and the fulfillment of the demands made by millions of people who took to the streets in the past three months to call for freedom, dignity and the safeguarding of the gains of the January 25 [2011] Revolution," Amr Darrag, a senior member of the pro-Morsi alliance, told AA.

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mohamed - 6 yıl Before

it's a revolution not a military coup

Ahmed Aziz
Ahmed Aziz - 6 yıl Before

You can't have a legitimate revolution against an democratically elected president. Otherwise every democratic system will collapse. You can't cancel a country constitution that is ratified by 2/3 majority just like that..This absolute BS. whats even worst , they actions taken by the corrupt Military council by killing droves of peaceful protesters (in thousands) and jailing thousands