Boko Haram changes its name to 'ISIL in West Africa'

Boko Haram has changed its name to ‘ISIL in West Africa Province, ISWAP’ following its affiliation with ISIL. The armed group pledged its allegiance to fellow ISIL group, in March 2015.

Boko Haram changes its name to 'ISIL in West Africa'

World Bulletin / News Desk 

The ISIL armed group may have gained a firm foothold beyond the Middle East and North Africa for the first time, after Nigeria’s Boko Haram adopted the name “ISIL’s West Africa Province” (Iswap).

The Nigerian armed group’s leader Abubakar Shekau pledged allegiance to ISIL last month, but the diffuse organisation had appeared to continue to operate under its official name.

But now propaganda materials shared by ISIL-affiliated social media accounts have dropped both those names for Iswap, and appear to share the slick production values and brazen style more usually associated with members in Syria and Iraq.

The images show Boko Haram members toting guns and with their faces visible for the first time – with the exception of figurehead Shekau, group members have previously been reluctant to reveal their identities.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Nisan 2015, 14:57