'Centrist' candidate elected Tunisia's new assembly speaker

Tunisia's first full elected parliament appointed Mohammed Nacer, vice president of the party that won last month's election, as its speaker.

'Centrist' candidate elected Tunisia's new assembly speaker

World Bulletin/News Desk

Mohamed Naser, a member of the centrist Nidaa Tounes party, has been elected speaker of Tunisia's newly-elected legislative assembly.

Naser – who ran unopposed – won the votes of 176 out of 214 MPs who attended Thursday's session. Thirty-four lawmakers abstained from casting ballots.

Naser was the only candidate to run for the post of speaker of Tunisia's House of the People's Representatives (parliament).

Tunisia's newly-elected parliament held its first session on Tuesday in capital Tunis, where MPs voted to keep the assembly in session until Thursday in order to elect a speaker.

The 217-member assembly was the product of Tunisia's first democratic parliamentary poll, held on October 26.

Nidaa Tounis – which describes itself as "centrist" – secured 86 seats – the most by a single party – while the Ennahda movement came in second, picking up 69 seats.

Over 60 percent of Tunisia's 5.2 million eligible voters turned out for the parliamentary polls – the country's first since a 2011 uprising ousted longtime autocrat Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

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