Egyptian opposition rejects Kerry's election call

Egypt's opposition rejects 'foreign interference' as US Secretary of State called on them to reverse the decision to boycott elections.

Egyptian opposition rejects Kerry's election call


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Egypt's main opposition group, the National Salvation Front (NSF), rejected US Secretary of State John Kerry's call on them to reverse the boycott of the parliamentary elections in April.

Opposition parties of Egypt commented on Kerry's visit to Egypt for AA.

Spokesperson for NSF Halid Davud said their decision of not participating in the elections was not taken following the meeting with Kerry, but due to the "irreconcilability of presidency".

Opposition parties put forward some requirements on starting the dialogue process with the presidency at their meeting with Kerry. Among those requirements were postponing parliamentary elections, reopening election law to discussion, and a cabinet change.

Reform and Development Party Chairman Anwar al-Sadat said a reconciliation would be possible if those requirements would be met.

On Kerry's visit, Sadat said the US was concerned with Egypt at political and economic levels and that led the US to play a mediating role between the government and the opposition".

Wafd Party Secretary General Husam al-Havli said Kerry stood at an equal distance with the parties and called on dialogue.

Bassam Al-Zarqa, one of the leaders of Nour Party said the visit could be considered normal, but Kerry's presenting opinions at the talks would be considered as intervention to domestic affairs.

Zarqa said Egypt was a respectable state that would not allow any interfering in the Egyptian political scene.
The ruling Muslim Brotherhood kept silent regarding Kerry's visit.

Kerry's visit to Egypt was the sixth leg of a nine-nation trip through Europe and the Middle East.

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