Ethiopia accuses Eritrea over links to al-Shabaab

Ethiopia has accused Eritrea of supporting Somali al-Shabaab fighters.

Ethiopia accuses Eritrea over links to al-Shabaab

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Ethiopia has accused Eritrea for supporting al-Shabaab, planning to conduct attacks in the country.

“Ethiopia has reached the information that al-Shabaab will conduct a terrorist attack in the country with the support of Eritrea,” it was stated on an Ethiopian television channel.

All security units were asked to report any suspicious acts and to declare high level alert status in the country's entrances, check points and crowded areas.

Ethiopia has the “power to fight against terrorism,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman of Ethiopia, Dina Mufti said. Ethiopian security forces are ready for the attack of al-Shabaab which represents al-Qaeda in Horn of Africa, containing the countries of Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea, Yemen, Mufti also said.

Mufti stated that Ethiopia is cooperating with Kenya and Uganda against Al-Qaeda. Also these three countries are sharing information as a part of military training exercise against Al-Shabab, Mufti added.

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abyssinia - 10 yıl Önce

This tigray regime in ethiopia will say and do anything to get more u.s. taxpayer dollars

David - 10 yıl Önce

Another fabrication by Ethiopian government. Actually, those terrorist are the creation of the Ethiopian government to milk the western power.

berhe - 10 yıl Önce

Weyane alawys tries to divert the ethnic problem inside the country by accusing the neighbor. Do not be full weyane ....This is an old fashion...please try other styles