Four Uganda Muslim clerics go missing

After two clerics were reported missing last month, another four have been reported missing, driven to an unknown destination.

Four Uganda Muslim clerics go missing

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Four Muslim clerics have been reportedly kidnaped by unknown people and driven to a yet to be identified destination, Daily Monitor has learnt. 

Reacting to the news about their missing colleagues, Ayub Nyende , the secretary general Uganda Tabliq Community, said they have moved to almost every police station ,but failed to trace them.
“ The only station we have not gone to is CPS and that is where we are heading now. The circumstances under which they went missing not yet clear and no one is offering answers. 

He named those missing as Sheikh Twaha Kawooya , Abdul Salaam Ssekayanja , Yusuf Kakande Ssemakula and Twaha Ssekitto . 

He said the sudden disappearance of the four had put them in a state of fear and urged Police boss Kale Kayihura to provide their top leadership with escorts as he did to their rivals headed by Sheikh Haruna Jjemba.

“ As Police investigates what could be behind the killing of our colleagues , we also believe we need security ,” he said.

Just last month another Muslim cleric, who was the district emir, had been killed on a highway in Kampala.  He was the second cleric to be killed last month, after sShia Muslim leader  was also killed on Christmas day. Ugandan police then shut down the mosque as worshippers who are loyal to Bahiga had closed the mosque from the inside.

Armed with teargas, guns and batons, police forces eventually surrounded the mosque, allowing only police negotiators into the place of worship.

An initial plan by police to use a small pick-up truck to evacuate the 14 people holed up inside the mosque was aborted due to fears they would be stoned or beaten by the angry crowd outside.


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