Gabon president appoints new prime minister

Nomination comes a day after Ali Bongo was sworn in for a second seven-year term

Gabon president appoints new prime minister

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Gabonese President Ali Bongo on Wednesday night appointed a new prime minister to form an "open government”.

 Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet, foreign minister of the outgoing government, was appointed to replace Daniel Ona Ondo, according to a presidential decree read on national television.

The presidential decree did not specify a deadline for the formation of the government while sources close to the presidency told Anadolu Agency that the new government will be revealed in “less than a week”.

The opposition did not immediately react to the nomination of the new prime minister, which came a day after Bongo was sworn in for a second seven-year term.


The Gabonese parliament was set aflame and the opposition headquarters bombed in post electoral violence after initial results were announced late August.

At least 100 people dead and dozens arrested, according to the opposition, after candidate Jean Ping had rejected the results pointing to a Bongo reelection.

The country's Constitutional Court ratified the result on Saturday. 

The prime minister nomination also comes after Bongo called for a “national dialogue” to reconcile all stakeholders involved in the electoral dispute. Ping rejected the call.


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