Kenya's President pushes for African intervention force

Uhuru Kenyatta says Africa cannot rely on "mercy and attention of the foreign powers".

Kenya's President pushes for African intervention force

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Africa needs a dedicated military force to intervene in armed conflicts in the content, Kenya's President said Saturday. 

“We cannot always rely on the mercy and attention of the foreign powers. We must show that Africa is rising," said Kenyatta.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was adressing defence ministers from Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Djibouti, Sudan and Indian Ocean islands Seychelles and Comoros. 

The ministers are in Kenya's capital Nairobi, to attend the Council of East African and Horn of Africa Ministers of Defence and Security, where one of the topics they will discuss will be the creation of a Rapid Military Force that could be ready as soon as 2015. 

“As Africans, we must be ready to come to the aid of fellow Africans whenever they face serious challenges including violent conflicts.”

 The Nairobi meeting comes more than two months after France hosted a two-day conference on Peace and Security. At the end of the conference, the French government agreed to train 20,000 African troops every year for five years.


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