Libyan court says Ahmed Maiteeq vote as PM was illegal

Maiteeq's lawyers immediately filed an appeal against the ruling which was broadcast on television.

Libyan court says Ahmed Maiteeq vote as PM was illegal

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The election of Ahmed Maiteeq as Libya's new prime minister was conducted in violation of the country's temporary constitution, a prosecutor told the Supreme Constitutional Court on Thursday.

The North African country is struggling with a political crisis as outgoing premier Abdullah al-Thinni has refused to hand over power to Maiteeq who was elected by parliament in a chaotic vote last month. Amid disarray in Tripoli there is conflict between rival groups across the country.

Maiteeq's lawyers argued, during a constitutional court session broadcast live on television, that the election was legitimate. An official of the prosecutor's office, however, said it violated the constitution in principle.

The court issued no ruling and adjourned the session until Monday, officials said.

Parliament elected Maiteeq as new prime minister in a chaotic vote which has been disputed by some lawmakers and officials who said it lacked a quorum.

Thinni had resigned in April but has said he received conflicting orders from Libya's divided parliament over the legitimacy of Maiteeq's election and would continue in his post until courts resolved the dispute.

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