Man killed in Nairobi blast

Police believe the man was killed when an improvised explosive device he was assembling went off

Man killed in Nairobi blast

A man died on Sunday when an explosion rocked Eastleigh district in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, eyewitnesses and police said.

According to local police chief Barasa Wabomba, the man died when an improvised explosive device he was assembling went off.

Police believe there were four people inside the house at the time of the explosion, including three suspects said to have fled the scene in a white vehicle.

"There is a manhunt for the three suspects who fled," Wabomba told Anadolu Agency by phone.

"We are alert and all police stations in and out of Nairobi have been briefed," he added.

The police chief believes the IED went off as the man was trying to connect and test the device.

Bomb experts from Kenya defense forces and police are at the scene of the incident to investigate the blast.

Adan Mohamed, a local resident, was at Al Amin Mosque, which lies across the street from the house, at the time of the blast.

"We heard a massive explosion that shook the whole Al Amin mosque just as we were waiting to attend the Asr (afternoon) prayers," he told AA in Swahili.

"We all scampered out terrified for our lives," added Mohamed.

The blast was heard several miles away and caused cracks in the wall of nearby buildings.


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