Moroccan television for first time labels Sisi, 'leader of a coup'

Two state televisions in Morocco for the first time in Egypt have called his regime a “a coup” and that he was labelled a “leader of coup”.

Moroccan television for first time labels Sisi, 'leader of a coup'

World Bulletin / News Desk

Airing a special report, Channel 2M television questioned the legitimacy of the regime, introducing him as the “leader of the coup” and another channel, Alaoula added to that anlaysis by slamming Sisi saying that he caused the removal of a legitimate president. The issue had already caused much debate amongst social media users in Morocco and some say that this new move is the result of a series of attacks from Egyptian media against Morocco.

Chairman of the Morocco Strategic Research Center, Muhammad Benehmu said that the coup broke the democratic transition in Egypt, and that this coup “prevented the realization of the aspirations of the Egyptian people”.

Earlier in the week, an Egyptian news anchor also had made debilitating attacks regarding Morocco, labelling the country as a land of sorcery, bringing a new shift to Moroccan-Egyptian relations and spreading misinformation regarding the Kingdom. This follows the incident whereby an Egyptian female television presenter had heavily criticized the country saying that it was one of the highest countries with HIV infections and that its revenue was based on “prostitution”.

Channel 2M also stated that in an economic news report that the “Economic situation, after Egypts Iron Fist came into rule, has worsened since Sisi has been in power”.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 02 Ocak 2015, 17:16