National dialogue begins in Egypt

Mursi invites 11 political parties and four opinion leaders, National Salvation Front rejects to attend the meeting.

National dialogue begins in Egypt

World Bulletin / News Desk

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi on Tuesday initiated national dialogue in the Presidential Palace in Cairo.

Following the four-day long protests, Mursi sent an invitation of dialogue to the leaders of the 11 political parties of Egypt and to four opinion leaders, to discuss the developments in Egyptian politics and the ways to resolve the crisis.

President of Strong Egypt Party Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh Abdel Hady, President of Freedom and Justice Party Mohamed Saad Tawfik El-Katatni, President of Al-Wasat Party Ebu el-Ala Mazi and President of Nour Party Yunus Mahyun as well as some opinion leaders attended the meeting.

National Salvation Front (NSF) embodying many liberal and left wing parties have rejected Mursi's call for dialogue.



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