Nigeria arrests 320 Boko Haram suspects

Around 320 people have been arrested in Nigeria on suspicion that they have links to the armed Boko Haram group.

Nigeria arrests 320 Boko Haram suspects

World Bulletin / News Desk

About 320 people have been arrested in Nigeria's oil-rich Rivers State on suspicion of links to the Boko Haram terrorist group, according to police sources.

A police source said the suspects were detained when about 25 buses were stopped for checking by anti-crime squad of the police.

"And given what has been happening in the state and across the country, everyone in the convoy has been arrested," he told Anadolu Agency, requesting anonymity.

"We are questioning them at different detention centers."

Rivers State police spokesman Ahmad Mohamed Kidaya neither confirmed nor denied the arrest.

"I cannot say anything until investigations into whatever information we are working on are concluded and concrete reports written," Kidaya told AA Sunday night, suggesting that the arrests may have indeed been made.

A hitherto peaceful organization that had preached against government corruption, Boko Haram suddenly turned violent in 2009 following the murder of group leader Mohamed Yusuf while in police custody.

In the years since, Boko Haram has been blamed for thousands of attacks, including attacks on churches and security posts across Nigeria's northern region.

Although it claims to want an Islamist government in the region, Nigerian Muslims – most of whom reject Boko Haram as un-Islamic – have also been targeted by the group.

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