North African, US leaders discuss Libya

Representatives of the governments of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and the United States discuss security challenges in Libya and Sahel.

North African, US leaders discuss Libya

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Representatives of the governments of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and the United States have met to discuss security challenges in Libya.

According to a statement from the U.S. State Department on Wednesday, the leaders expressed their "deep concern" on the security challenges in the country and called on all parties in Libya to adopt an immediate ceasefire and to undertake negotiations.

The statement added "the ongoing violence between Libyans is creating a tragic humanitarian crisis that affects the lives of the most vulnerable and threatens Libya’s democratic transition" and "call on Libya’s newly elected Council of Representatives and other democratic institutions to adopt inclusive policies that benefit all Libyans and to build a government that meets the Libyan people’s needs for security, reconciliation, and prosperity."

Since 2011 when the UN-NATO joint operation toppled the 42-year dictator Muammer Gaddafi's regime, the country has been plagued by heavy fighting between a loosely organized army and militias that clung to their weapons they acquired during the 2011 uprising.

The capital Tripoli has been the scene of fierce clashes between warring militias over control of several vital facilities in the city.

Benghazi, the country's second largest city, has also turned into a battlefield between troops loyal to reneged general Khalifa Haftar and Ansar Al-Sharia militia.

The militant infighting in Libya which began in mid-July has left 214 dead and 981 injured.

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