Nour party won't support Islamist president candidate

Egypt's Salafist Nour party said it might accept an "Islamic-leaning" candidate as long as he was not affiliated to an Islamist group.

Nour party won't support Islamist president candidate

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The Salafist Nour Party said on Wednesday it would not support an Islamist candidate in Egypt's upcoming presidential polls, but could accept an "Islamic-leaning" one.

"The party rejects any presidential bid by any figure affiliated with the Islamist current in the existing circumstances," Salah Abdel-Maaboud, member of the Nour Party high board, told Anadolu Agency by phone.

Abdel-Maaboud said that Egypt's current political scene was "too complicated; it would require the next president to deal with the repercussions of the country's current situation."

However, Abdel-Maaboud said the Salafist party might accept an "Islamic-leaning" candidate as long as he was not affiliated to an Islamist group.

Asked about the possibility of the party supporting a candidate from a military background, Abdel-Maaboud said that Nour would "have no problem with that, as long as he first becomes a civilian."

"The party would then consider whether to support or reject him," he added.

Abdel-Maaboud also expressed his party's rejection of proposals to change the political "roadmap" imposed by the army following the July 3 ouster of president Mohamed Morsi, the country's first civilian president.

Some political figures, including former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi, have championed calls to hold presidential elections before parliamentary polls, reversing the order stipulated in the roadmap.

The Nour Party, however, would reject any change to the plan, Abdel-Maaboud stressed.

Two months ago, the Salafist party split ranks with Egypt's Islamist camp, throwing its weight behind the army-imposed roadmap under which Morsi was ousted following mass protests against his presidency.

Under the terms of the roadmap, Egypt's constitution – approved last year via popular referendum – was suspended, while Adly Mansour, head of Egypt's constitutional court, was made interim president.

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Ali Haddara
Ali Haddara - 7 yıl Before

If the Saudi tell these hypocrite people, Sharon should be the next president, they willaccept that as long as the money keep coming.These are the times of trials and fitan that the prophet, peace be upon him, warned usfrom