Obama's ancestral village reacts to Trump's US victory

Residents of Kogello in Kenya left stunned by Trump win

Obama's ancestral village reacts to Trump's US victory

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 In a Kenyan village which is the ancestral home of outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama, the mood was somber on Wednesday with many residents astounded by news of Donald Trump’s shock election win.

In the Kenyan capital Nairobi, some celebrated Trump’s victory with jubilation.

However, in Kogello village, a local businessman, Kennedy Otieno, told Anadolu Agency: “After hearing the news it was as if my brain had short-circuited.”

He said the little village had been busy on Tuesday night as everyone prepared to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s victory on Wednesday morning, especially after she “won” mock elections organized by residents.

Hundreds of people had cast votes in the village, which lies near Lake Victoria in western Kenya and was the home of Obama’s father. Clinton won the vote by 76 percent while 22 percent supported Donald Trump.

Otieno said: “We are shocked, we are hurt and most have not even reported to work today because of the election.”

“The village fully supported President Obama’s recommended candidate. This is the shock of the century [for] my friends,” Otieno added, noting Kenya had little hope for better relations with the U.S. now that Trump has been chosen as president.

Prudence Akello, a teacher from Kogello, told Anadolu Agency that “the death of hope [for] a female American president has just been witnessed by the world”.

Akello said the announcement came as a surprise not only to her but the whole community:

“I was at a crowded restaurant, crowded because that is the only place with free satellite TV so everyone was watching from there. When Trump came to speak, announcing he had won, you could hear a pin drop, everybody stood motionless.”

Just after the announcement of the winner, President Obama’s half-brother -- who also hails from Kogello -- unleashed a tweet storm against the outgoing leader, days after being cursed by his family and village residents for supporting Donald Trump.

“All thanks and praises to Allah, God Almighty. I prayed for Barack Obama, he won; I prayed for Mr. Trump, he won. God does as He pleases,” Malik Obama wrote in one of his tweets.


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