'One million' gather for national unity in Tunisia

Activists from Tunisia’s ruling party Ennahda gathered to protest the right of their movement to lead the government

'One million' gather for national unity in Tunisia

World Bulletin/News Desk

A demonstration is taking place in the Tunisian capital of Tunis on Saturday after the ruling Nahda Movement Party made a call for national unity.

People gathered together on Burgiba Boulevard in Tunis to join the "demonstration of one million people for national unity" held in order to end violence in Tunisia and to protect the legitimacy of institutions established through elections.
Thousands of people were seen carrying flags and banners in Tunis.
Many individuals chanted slogans which said "No to remains of dictatorship" and "We are with martyrs of the revolution".

The gathering comes ahead of a planned mass rally later on Saturday called by Ennahda to denounce Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali’s plan to form a government of technocrats.

Jebali has been seeking political support for his plan to form a non-partisan cabinet of technocrats, after the assassination last week of a leftist opposition figure threw Tunisia into turmoil.

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