Pro-Haftar forces strike Libya's Misurata port

Forces loyal to Libya's internationally recognised government staged air strikes on the commercial port of Misrata, a western city allied to a group that holds the capital Tripoli, both sides said.

Pro-Haftar forces strike Libya's Misurata port
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Forces loyal to Libya's former army chief Khalifa Haftar on Saturday launched airstrikes on the country's western port of Misrata, claiming it was being used for "terrorist purposes."

"We've said before that we would bomb the port of Misurata if it comes to pose a threat," spokesman Maj. Mohamed al-Hijazi told The Anadolu Agency by phone.

"On Saturday, our air force bombed the [Misurata] port, because it was being used to transport weapons, ammunition and terrorist elements," al-Hijazi said.

A source with Misurata police who requested anonymity confirmed that two sites were targeted by airstrikes on Saturday morning.

"Misurata's sea port along with the Aviation Academy's airstrip were targeted," the source said, adding that both buildings were "civilian facilities" with no fighting capabilities to become military targets.

Thinni's troops moved on fighters who have been holding positions in Ben Jawad, some 40 km west of the port, said a spokesman for Thinni's troops.

"There are clashes with heavy weapons," he said, adding that two of his troops had been killed and two others wounded.

Last month, the city of Misurata witnessed airstrikes that targeted the airport and a steel factory, without causing damage or casualties, according to statements by officials at the time.

On November 25, pro-Haftar forces launched an airstrike on Tripoli's Mitiga Airport, saying the airport had been used for "terrorist purposes."

Es Sider and the adjacent Ras Lanuf oil ports have been closed since the clashes started, depriving Libya of an estimated 300,000 barrels of day of crude production.

Since Muammar Gaddafi was ousted in 2011, Libya has failed to attain stability. Former rebel brigades which once fought side by side have now turned on each other, aligning themselves with rival political factions in a scramble for control.


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