Protesters rally for civilian rule in Sudan, amid UN-backed talks

Demonstrators say UN-mediated talks attempt to save Sudan’s military.

Protesters rally for civilian rule in Sudan, amid UN-backed talks

Fresh protests erupted in Sudan on Monday to demand full civilian rule, amid UN-mediated talks to salvage the country’s transition to democracy.

Hundreds of protesters marched to the presidential palace in the capital Khartoum, amid chants against the military, according to an Anadolu Agency reporter.

Demonstrators rejected UN mediation to solve the country’s political crisis, describing the effort as an attempt to save the military.

“The Sudanese can solve their problems alone,” Abdul Rahim Ahmed, a protester in Khartoum, told Anadolu Agency.

“This initiative of the UN envoy aims to save the army generals and enable them to get immunity from justice for their continuous killings of protesters,” he added.

Last week, seven protesters were killed in anti-military protests in crisis-hit Sudan.

Earlier this month, the UN mission in Sudan launched UN-facilitated talks between the military and political groups in an effort to salvage the Horn of African country’s transition.

“We will not sit with the army under the initiative of the UN or any other forum,” said Mona Hussein, another protester in Khartoum. “The army has to hand over power to civilians immediately,” she added.

Sudan has been in turmoil since Oct. 25, 2021, when the military dismissed Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok's transitional government and declared a state of emergency.

Prior to the military takeover, Sudan was governed by a sovereign council of military and civilian officials tasked with overseeing the transition period until elections in 2023.

Hamdok was reinstated on Nov. 21 following an agreement, but protesters denounced the deal, insisting on the removal of any military influence over the transitional governing coalition. He resigned on Jan. 2, citing a political deadlock.