Return of pirates concern Somali government

Pirates demanding unspecified ransom amount after seizing UAE flagged vessel 

Return of pirates concern Somali government

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The Somali government on Thursday said pirates have made a come back after they hijacked an oil tanker in the Indian Ocean earlier this week.

The return of pirates is a surprise for the government that is deeply concerned about the latest incident, Muhdin Ali Musa, the country’s anti-pracy office director said at a news conference in Mogadishu.

“The Somali government and international community had already destroyed any piracy activities in Somali waters,” Must said. “Unfortunately they are making a came back now. The Somali government needs support from the international community to overcome pirates.”

The government is concerned that hijacking of commercial vessels and humanitarian carriers will continue, he added.

Maritime forces of the semi-autonomous Puntland territory on Thursday attacked Somali pirates who hijacked the United Arab Emirates tanker on Monday.

Fighting took place in the coastal town of Alula where pirates transported the vessel.

District commissioner Ali Shire confirmed the fighting to Anadolu agency.

"Our maritime forces have attacked the pirates base in Alula coast,” Shire said. “Our forces and gunmen from pirates exchanged a gun fire for at least 20 minutes. No one was injured" he added

Local elders requested the fighting stop but the pirates demanded an unspecified ransom and an end to illegal foreign finishing, he added.

Piracy in east Africa, especially Somalia, has been economically viable for hijackers who have netted $7 billion since 2007, Abdinur Ali, a senior maritime security official in Puntland told Anadolu Agency. He said 1,000 hostages have been taken in that time.

Somalia, has the longest coastal line in Africa and has witnessed a large number sea vessels targeted by Somali pirates.



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