Rwanda: President Kagame endorsed to run for third term

Ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front chooses longtime president as its candidate in August election

Rwanda: President Kagame endorsed to run for third term

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President Paul Kagame of Rwanda was officially endorsed by the ruling party, Rwandan Patriotic Front, to run for a third seven-year term on Saturday.

He was voted by 1929 delegates out of 1930, which means he will now represent RPF in the forthcoming election on August 4.

"Let us assume that in the seven years to come, we do things differently or better, and work harder so that we get some form of transition. So that what made you ask me to stay longer maybe can be addressed in these seven years," he told the RPF members.


Kagame, who has been in office since 2000, became eligible to run for an additional seven-year term and then two five-year terms following a referendum in 2015 that amended the Constitution that barred him from running for a third term.

"I will give it everything I have and double my efforts so that together we can reduce the need for those factors that compel you to ask me to stay," Kagame added.

The incumbent president has also been endorsed by two other political parties - The Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Party.

Only one party, the Green Party, has declared to run against Kagame, with Frank Habineza, the party's president as its flag-bearer.

Three other independent candidates have also declared that they will run for president.

The final list of presidential aspirants will be announced by the National Electoral Commission in the first week of July.

The electoral commission will close receiving nominations on June 23 and a provisional list of qualified candidates will be announced four days later.

The names of qualified candidates will then be published on July 7, a week before campaigns kick off.

President Kagame is largely expected to win, following landslide victories in the previous elections of 2003 and 2010.

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