S. African politician accuses ANC of 'apartheid tactics'

The ruling ANC denied accusations of petro-bombing the opposition campaign venue

S. African politician accuses ANC of 'apartheid tactics'

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The Economic Freedom Fighters, an opposition party, has accused South Africa's ruling African National Congress of burning down their campaign rally tents and a stage near Johannesburg.

"You know what they did to us is a shame and a crime," Dali Mpofu, the EFF candidate for the position of Gauteng region premier, told a huge crowd of party supporters late Saturday some 25km from Johannesburg.

He accused the ANC of burning tent and petro-bombing the stadium in the East Rand area near Johannesburg where they had organized a rally.

"We are not surprised we know those tactics the apartheid regime used when they started killing our people," Mpofu said.

"They had realized that power was slipping from their hands. It's the same as the ANC corrupt government," he added.

The governing party has denied the allegations of petro-bombing the EFF venue.

It has also vowed to take action against any of its members found implicated in the arson attack.

South Africans will go to the polls on May 7 to elect lawmakers and city council representatives.

Twenty-nine political parties are expected to contest the polls.

The race will likely be dominated by five parties, including the ANC, the Democratic Alliance, the recently-established EFF, the Congress of the People and the Inkatha Freedom Party.

Better Life

The opposition candidate said that after 20 years under the ANC South Africans "still don't have toilets…still don't have houses."

He said economic freedom for South Africa's poor will come whether the ruling party wants it or not.

"Our people are going to attain their total emancipation," Mpofu said.

"And even if the EFF was not there, our people would attain their total emancipation," he added.

"The only difference the EFF brings is to say to the ANC we want our economic freedom in our lifetime. We want it right now."

Mpofu told his supporters that they were going to win over the Gauteng province, which is South Africa’s economic capital.

The EFF was founded by Julius Malema, an expelled former ANC Youth League president.

It advocates for the re-distribution of the country's farmland, which is mostly in the hands of whites who benefited during the long period of white minority rule.

Malema wants to see resources shared between whites and blacks. The slogan of his party is "Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime."

Many youths and disaffected South Africans have joined the EFF, which claims to draw inspiration from the people's suffering and which promises to improve their lives once elected to power.

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