Somalis try to survive in camps

Families dispersed by harsh conditions have taken refuge in Kenya close to the Somali border.

Somalis try to survive in camps

Thousands of Somalis have fled their homeland leaving behind their loved ones. Many have died mostly children along the way trying to escape from the worst famine in 60 years.

Families dispersed by harsh conditions have taken refuge in Kenya close to the Somali border. Dadab is such a place where thousands try to survive in the worst conditions but that's the best they can get now.

Many international aid organizations set up camps and control centers here. Projects funded by different world countries stand protected but stopped due to lack of resources.

There are places covered with fences made from tree branches and brushes. It is here that aid packages and resources are distributed to people who are selected by sheiks the night before.

These people get a card from their sheiks and are queued the next day within these surrounded places. They patiently wait to get their packages and leave only to come back until next time.

Kimse Yok Mu aid organization from Turkiye and Helping Hands from the US were there distributing aid to those people in the Dadab region. A local businessman, Hasan, organizes packs with food and other necessities. He then meets with the officials from Kimse Yok Mu and Helping Hands and takes them to these camps.

Hopeful and thankful to the food that is being distributed Somalis leave with a happy face but worried about their future. Unfortunately, malnutrition and lack of proper living conditions cause many to die especially women, children and old people.

The so called homes people live in here are so bad in condition it is hard to say that even an animal will hardly live in them. Nevertheless people are used to these conditions but their faces and eyes tell all that can be told...PLEASE HELP US!

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