South Africa to prosecute citizens fighting for Israel

One Cape Town resident is being accused of fighting for Israel, while cases on four others are due to be opened.

South Africa to prosecute citizens fighting for Israel

World Bulletin / News Desk

The South African government has warned its citizens that it will prosecute those who fight for the Israeli army.

According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, the warning came last week after an advocacy group known as the Action Forum in Support of Palestine opened a case against Cape Town resident Dean Goodson, who is accused of travelling to Israel to fight for the Israel Defence Force (IDF).

The group told the South Africa Independent online that there are also cases in the process of being opened on at least four other South Africans who fight for Israel. Those found guilty of the charges could be sentenced to prison.

Haaretz reported that South Africa’s Regulation of Foreign Military Assistance Act, which regulates the involvement of South Africans in armed conflicts outside the country,

South Africa's warning also covered those fighting in Afghanistan and West Africa without the permission of the country’s defense minister, who can allow South Africans to fight abroad depending on the recommendation of the National Conventional Arms Control committee.

The report in the South Africa Independent pointed out that no South African had been given permission to join the Israeli army in its attack on Gaza, which has killed almost 2,000 Palestinians in a month-long siege, most of them civilians.

South African President Jacob Zuma had called on the Israeli government to stop its crippling military offensive against the besieged Gaza Strip, while the ruling African National Congress denounced the Israeli onslaught, urging South Africans to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.

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