Sudan gives note to Egypt

Armed Sudanese groups take shelter in Egypt, said Sudan's Ambassador in Cairo Hussain.

Sudan gives note to Egypt

World Bulletin / News Desk

Sudan's Permanent Representative at the Arab League and Ambassador in Cairo, Kamel Hussain on Wednesday said that his country gave a note to Egypt as "Egypt provided shelter to armed Sudanese groups".

Speaking to AA, Ambassador Hussain underlined that the "note was issued as armed Sudanese  groups held meetings in Egypt".

The presence of armed Sudanese groups affect bilateral relations with Egypt in a negative way, Hussain noted.

"This attitude of the Cairo administration provides a 'political cover' to armed groups," Hussain indicated.

"We have no objection to Egypt's hosting members of the Sudanese opposition who favor peace. However, we just can not accept the fact that Egypt opens its doors to armed groups who would like to overthrow the Sudanese administration," Hussain stated.

"Sudanese-Egyptian relations got stronger following the Egyptian revolution. We do hope that our relations with Egypt will develop further in the upcoming term," Ambassador Hussain also said.


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