Sudan, Libya agree to normalize ties, protect borders

Sudanese president voices support for internationally recognized Libyan government

Sudan, Libya agree to normalize ties, protect borders

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Sudan and Libya have agreed to normalize their tense relations and secure common border.

In a joint press conference with Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Mustafa al-Sarraj in capital Khartoum on Sunday, Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir expressed support for the internationally recognized Libyan government and the country's stability.

Libyan leader's visit comes amid a row that erupted in last July, when Libya ordered the closure of Sudan’s Consulate in the city of Kofra, in southeastern Libya, and expelled 12 diplomats.

The Sudanese leader rejected any "agenda" in Libya and said: "Our first, second and final priorities are the interests of the Libyan nation."

Bashir said the instability in Libya has also affected the national security of Sudan.

"We have been directly affected by the insecurity in the Libyan scene, including the prices we paid for combating the human trafficking, the illegal migration and the transit crimes," said Bashir.
He asserted that the presence of the Sudanese mercenaries among the fighters in Libya was a direct threat to the Sudanese security.

Libyan prime minister, for his part, said they agreed to fully normalize the fluctuated relations, adding that previous agreements for a full integration between the two countries would be implemented.

"We will learn from the previous lessons and mistakes, aiming to build strong relations" between the two countries, said Sarraj.

"We have also talked about the joint efforts to secure our common border and to activate the previous security agreements in this regard," the Libyan prime minister said.

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