Sudan to continue economic measures despite protests

Cabinet vows to implement contentious economic measures despite calls by opposition for mass protests

Sudan to continue economic measures despite protests

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The Cabinet on Monday vowed to continue the implementation of recent economic measures that led to hiking of prices despite calls from the opposition for mass protests against the move.

The Cabinet decision came after the parliament summoned the ministers of finance, trade, agriculture, international cooperation, electricity, Cabinet affairs and investment.

Sudanese opposition led by the communist party called for a mass protest on Tuesday.

Protests have erupted across the country since last week over the price hikes in basic commodities following the latest lifting of subsidies by the government.

Investment Minister Mubarak Al-Fadil told reporters after visiting the parliament that the government would continue with its economic measures, adding that the 2018 budget would not be changed.

“We will not be changing the policies and measures of the 2018 budget,” Al-Fadil said.

The minister attributed the hiking of the prices to black-market traders and dealers that exploited the situation to get more benefits.

He warned the government would not tolerate the exploitation of the situation by such black market traders.

“We will not allow few number of traders to control the market, causing all these problems to the people of Sudan; this hiking of prices caused by the brokering in the market, not due to the government measures,” he added.

In December 2016, Sudan witnessed nationwide civil disobedience in protest against the lifting of subsides on fuel and electricity.

More than 200 people were killed in September 2013 during protests in cities and towns across Sudan after President Omar al-Bashir announced an end to fuel subsidies and the introduction of other austerity measures.

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