Ten more mass graves discovered in DR Congo

Graves located in Kasai region, home to clashes between government forces, Kamuina Nsapu militiamen

Ten more mass graves discovered in DR Congo

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Ten more mass graves with an unspecified number of bodies inside have been discovered in Kasai region, Congolese authorities said Monday.

"The operational command has just discovered 10 mass graves in Tshikapa-Sumbula-Diboko localities located in the province of Kasai," Attorney General Flory Kabange Numbi said in a statement.

"A team under the leadership of a magistrate has already visited the place on instructions from the Auditor General of the Armed Forces of the DRC," he added.

The latest discovery brings the total number of mass graves found so far up to 50.

On April 19, the UN said in a statement that its investigators had uncovered 17 additional mass graves bringing the total mass graves discovered in one month to 40.

On April 4, the UN mission in DRC, MONUSCO announced it had discovered 23 mass graves in the area.

Kasai region, where the graves have been discovered, is an area where government forces have on several occasions clashed with Kamuina Nsapu militiamen.

Chaos started in the region last August when a chief called Kamuina Nsapu was killed by police. After the incident, Nsapu's followers started attacking police and government offices.

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