Tunisian's Nahda conditionally back technocrat govt

Ennahda Party extended conditional support to a technocrat government in Tunisia.

Tunisian's Nahda conditionally back technocrat govt

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Deputy Chairman Abdelhamid Jelassi of Ennahda Party in Tunisia has said that they could extend a conditional support to proposal of Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali for a "technocrat government".

Jelassi told AA on Thursday that they had been pursuing talks with Jebali to solve the government crisis and shape up the new government in the country, adding that they supported Jebali's "technocrat government" proposal conditionally.

Jelassi said that they would support such a government if pro-revolutionist people who had political competency were involved in it.

Jebali has been seeking political support for his plan to form a non-partisan cabinet of technocrats, after the assassination of a leftist opposition figure Chokri Belaid threw Tunisia into turmoil.

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