Turkey pledges to strengthen ties with Africa at all platforms

Foreign Minister Cavusoglu opens Zimbabwe Embassy in Ankara as African states' missions rises to 37, up from 10 in 13 years.

Turkey pledges to strengthen ties with Africa at all platforms

The Turkish foreign minister vowed on Tuesday to further strengthen relations with African countries, citing the fact that the number of African missions in Ankara has increased from 10 to 37 in the last 13 years as evidence.

Speaking at the official inauguration ceremony of the Zimbabwe Embassy in Ankara, Mevlut Cavusoglu said Africa holds a special place for Turkey, and "with the opening of Zimbabwe Embassy in Ankara, it is evident that our relations are growing stronger each day."

"This Embassy will further develop links between our business people as well as flourishing education and tourism between our nations," he said.

The foreign minister noted that 13 years ago, there were just ten African embassies, which has since expanded to 37.

"So the increase has been 27 within 13 years, indeed this is a reflection of deepening of relations with Africa," Cavusoglu said.

He also announced that the Turkish Embassy in Guinea-Bissau will open soon, bringing the total number of Turkish embassies in Africa to 44.

"We will further enhance our relations with Africa at all platforms," Cavusoglu pledged.