Uganda bans New Year celebrations

Authorities urge public to stay at home and celebrate with family

Uganda bans New Year celebrations

Uganda's government has decided to suspend New Year Eve's celebrations, including fireworks, prayers at church and large gatherings, as a preventive measure against the coronavirus pandemic, the country's information minister said.

"All public end of year festivities such as musical concerts, overnight prayers, fireworks display have been banned this time around due to the existence of #COVID19. As you keep safe remember that curfew hours, traffic rules remain in place and will be enforced by @PoliceUg," Judith Nabakooba tweeted Sunday.

She said that daily infections are now at a record high, calling on people to stay at home and avoid large gatherings.

To prevent large gatherings, the Kampala Metropolitan Police carried out a crackdown on bars that were not following restrictions. At least, 329 people were arrested.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Ugandan government has imposed night curfew in order to curb the spread of the virus which has left 248 people dead and at least 33,811 infected.