US operations violate sovereignty: Libyan officials

Libyan officials are accusing the US of violating national sovereignty after US special forces captured one of al-Qaeda's high officials in Tripoli on October 6

US operations violate sovereignty: Libyan officials

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Libyan political parties reacted against US special forces conducting a military intervention in capital Tripoli in pursuit of al-Qaeda leader Nazih Abdulhamid al-Ruqai (nickname Abu Anas al-Libi) without providing information to the temporary government. 

The operation on al-Ruqai, accused of being a terrorist, was a violation of Libyan national sovereignty and al-Ruqai must be judged in Libya, expressed the General National Congress of Libya's Foreign Committee.

The National Forces Alliance under the presidency of Mahmoud Jibril condemned the operation, stressing it was "violation of Libyan national sovereignty."  

"Prime Minister Ali Zaydan is responsible for the lack of security due to his reluctance toward militia forces tranisitioning into a regular army," the Libyan Justice and Construction Party, supported by the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan), announced in a press release.

On October 6, US special forces organized an operation in Tripoli and captured one of al-Qaeda's high officials, Abu Anas, who was wanted for having conducted bomb attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania 15 years ago.

Abu Anas has been sought by the US since 1998.

After the operation, United States Ambassador to Libya Deborah Jones was summoned to the Libyan Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

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