USA, China behind Mali case: USAK researcher

Herhavi, a researcher at USAK, said "It is the increasing influence of the USA and China in Mali which is behind the French intervention in the country."

USA, China behind Mali case: USAK researcher

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Middle East and Africa researcher at International Strategic Research Organization (USAK) Fuad Ferhavi has said it was the increasing influence of the USA and China in Mali that was behind French involvement in the country.

Ferhavi talked about the Mali case at USAK in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Wednesday, focusing on the historical roots, and geo-political and geo-economic aspects, of the conflicts in Mali.

In the report that Ferhavi wrote about the Mali crisis, he said there is strong rivalry between European countries and BRICS countries to get control of the energy, oil, and sea routes of the African continent.

He stated the USA, China and Brazil are heading for Africa to have the control of those sources.

According to the report, the USA has increased its activities in Northern Africa in the last decade which shows the USA's interest in the region.

In addition, the failure of the USA in educating Mali soldiers created an opportunity for European countries to interfere in Mali.

Referring to the abundance of uranium in the region, Ferhavi asserted that France had been trying to be the sole power in producing uranium for a long time.

He said the uranium deposits discovered in Niger attracted attention to the region, as well.

Touching on the various reasons of the Mali crisis, Ferhavi said environmental factors such as drought, an international embargo on Libya, and civil war in Algeria played a key role in the problems faced in Mali.

He also added the shipping of illicit drugs from Latin America to Europe via Africa caused criminal and terror organizations to appear in the region. 

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