Why did Sienna Weir die?

The questions why Sienna Weir died are being asked curiously these days. Fans are looking for the answer to the question of why the famous name died.

Why did Sienna Weir die?

The death of the world-famous Australian "Miss Universe finalist" Sienna Weir deeply saddened her relatives and fans.

The news of Weir's death soon resonated around the world. So why did Weir die?


Australian Miss Universe finalist Sienna Weir was taken to intensive care after her accident.

Weir, who fell into a coma as a result of the accident, died at the age of 23.

It was learned that Sienna Weir's life support was discontinued with the approval of her family.

According to the news of the Daily Mail; The decision to end the life of the famous model, who fell into a coma as a result of falling from a horse last month, was taken by her family.

The agency representing the model shared photos of Weir and said, "You are in our hearts forever."

Tom Bull, who was destroyed by the death of Sienna Weir, who died at a young age, commented on the model's last share, "We loved with a love that is more than love."

Weir was among 27 finalists in Australia's Miss Universe pageant in 2022. The famous model graduated from the University of Sydney