'World Africa Day' messages ambassadors to Turkey

The Ethiopian ambassador said they were celebrating the 50th anniversary of African Union with peace and economic growth.

'World Africa Day' messages ambassadors to Turkey

"World Africa Day" which is celebrated every year across the globe on May 25 is the annual commemoration of the founding of the African Union.

Ambassadors of African countries to Turkey released messages within the scope of celebrating the 50th anniversary of African Union and Africa Day.

Ethiopia's Ambassador to Turkey Mulatu Teshome Wirtu underscored that they were celebrating the 50th anniversary of African Union with the spirit of bringing peace, prosperity and economic development to the African continent.

Speaking to AA, Wirtu said the union's foundation was very historic for the African community.

"Achievement of the African community's organization is to liberate the whole continent from colonialism", said Wirtu and added, "agenda of the African countries had changed after all African countries were liberated from colonialism and also after the abolishment of the apartheid regime in South Africa."

He added that these changes in the African agenda were made to bring peace, prosperity, economic development, good governance, rule of law and the democratization to African societies.

Ethiopian ambassador said people across the world was celebrating the "World Africa Day" with the motto of "African renaissance" and added, "what we mean with this motto is to bring peace, tranquility, prosperity to the people of Africa."

He said they were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the union with the spirit of Africa being free of any interference, having good and safe living environment to live, continent's economic development and its integration in global economy.

Meanwhile, Egypt's Ambassador to Turkey, Abderahman Salaheldin also told AA that the activities held in Ankara for the 50th anniversary of the union by Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry, Kecioren Municipality and African embassies in Ankara were very prouding for him.

Ambassador Salaheldin touched on the Africa Day celebration's event of planting a tree ceremony and said that they were especially pleased with this years celebration as they planted a tree in Ankara.

"Every year we celebrate the Africa Day in a different way, usually with speeches and with politicians coming and visiting but this year was very special because its the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the organization," stated Egypt's ambassador to Turkey.

He touched on Turkey's relations with African countries and said, "Turkey manufactures goods and exports. Through Egypt, those goods reach multiple African countries, about 400 million Africans. Those Africans with their states are one of the fastest growing economies in the world. So, through relations with Africa, Turkey can actually make up for the loss of its trade to Europe. Not to mention that dealing with young African nations is a great opportunity for Turkey to invest in with low cost of labor, low cost of energy and easy access to big markets."

Moreover, Ambassador of Algeria to Turkey Mouloud Hamai said the African Union had such an optimistic future. He added that annually there was about a 6 percent of growth rate in Africa which was quite rare. He underscored that generally in Africa, there was an extraordinary growth rate was noted lately.

Ambassador Hamai said those growth figures could not be assessed as circumstantial and added they were receiving results within the framework of development plans.

Lastly, Ambassador of South Sudan in Ankara John Gai Yoh said that African Union meant a lot for them for the future of the continent. He said, "Africa is the future of the world and with partners like Turkey and we can make a big difference together."

The "World Africa Day" and the establishment of "African Union" is celebrated across the globe on May 25 every year.

The African Union was formed on May 25, 1963 within the scope of increasing the cooperation and solidarity among African countries.

The Organization of African Unity (OAU) was established in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa with 32 signatory African governments. However, it was disbanded in 2002. In the same year, the name of the organization was replaced by African Union (AU). Except Morocco, it has 54 African member countries.

Morocco rejects to become a member country due to Western Sahara issue. The Union is also dedicated to concluding all forms of colonialism and giving support to countries which fight for liberation.


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