Zambia: Murders of elderly accused of witchcraft rise

Elderly often targeted because they are considered an economic burden by relatives

Zambia: Murders of elderly accused of witchcraft rise

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Veronica Sulwe's 80-year-old grandmother was murdered on Jan. 15 by her grandson in Chingola Town, in the northern Copperbelt province of Zambia, after being accused of causing the death of her great-grandchild by using witchcraft.

 Veronica, 29, tells Anadolu Agency that she was brutally beaten and later set on fire after a "witch-finder" designated her to be responsible for the sickness and death of her grandchild’s son. 

 "Following a consultation with the witch doctor who accused my grandmother that she was responsible for the death of a child, the young man brutally attacked her,” she recounts.

"At about ‪‪2.30 in the middle of the night, I heard the young man shouting at the top of his voice, it's your turn to die, you witch," a neighbor to the victim, Pearson Bwalya said.

"Out of curiosity, my wife and I woke up to see what was happening, only to find the old lady laying in her own blood and with burns on her body," he adds.

According to Bwalya, the victim had come to the village to visit her grandson.

"Unfortunately, during her stay at the grandchild's house, he developed an ailment which led to his death and the old lady was blamed for it," he says.



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