2 arrested in death of grandson of Malcolm X

Two Mexico City bartenders were in custody in the beating death of Malcolm Shabazz

2 arrested in death of grandson of Malcolm X

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Two Mexico City bartenders were in custody Monday in the beating death of Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of civil rights activist Malcolm X, prosecutors said.

Prosecutor Rodolfo Fernando Rios Garza said the men are employed at The Palace Club where Shabazz, 29, and three friends were drinking early Thursday. A dispute arose over a $1,200 bill and Shabazz was beaten.

Shabazz was transported to a hospital, where he died of his injuries later that day, police spokesman. The Mexico City attorney general's office said Shabazz suffered brain trauma and several broken bones.

Malcolm Shabazz, who was convicted of manslaughter as a 12-year-old for setting a fire that killed his grandmother, was in Mexico City to visit Miguel Suarez, an immigration activist who was recently deported from the United States.

On Wednesday night, the pair visited the run-down area around Plaza Garibaldi, a popular tourist area where Mariachi music groups play on the streets amid seedy strip clubs, dive bars and bordellos.

Despite its proximity to the city's grand colonial center, the area is infamous for petty crime.

Shabazz, who Mexican police say was 29, and Suarez strayed into Palace, a karaoke bar-cum-brothel away from the main drag. Police say they drank beer in the club and media reports said they then clashed with management over the bill.

The Mexican attorney general's office has opened a murder investigation, saying Shabazz had been in "a place of entertainment, drinking beers" and that he suffered several injuries, apparently from blows.

Terrie Williams, a friend of the Shabazz family, said she had no details of the circumstances behind the death. She was unaware if his family, which Reuters was not immediately able to reach, had any details.

"This is a family that has experienced extraordinary trauma and pain over the years," said Williams, who issued a brief statement on behalf of the Shabazz family following news of the death.

It was a seedy end for Shabazz, who spent years in juvenile detention after being convicted of manslaughter and arson for the fire that killed his grandmother Betty Shabazz, Malcolm X's widow.

Malcolm X was an outspoken leader of the Nation of Islam and is also known by his Muslim name, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. He was shot to death in 1965 at a speaking engagement in New York and three men were convicted of the murder.


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