American fighters in Syria 'security threat'

Federal officials said that American fighters in Syria would become a security threat.

American fighters in Syria 'security threat'

World Bulletin / News Desk

US federal officials said that American citizens who have joined the civil war in Syria could return to the US as a battle-hardened security risks.

The State Department says it has no estimates of how many Americans have taken up arms to fight military units loyal to Syrian regime leader Bashar al-Assad in the conflict.

Some estimates have put the number of Americans at a couple of dozen. The IHS group says Al-Qaeda-linked fighters number about 15,000, with the total of anti-Assad forces being estimated at 100,000 or more.

At a Senate homeland security committee hearing this month, Sen. Thomas Carper said: “We know American citizens as well as Canadian and European nationals have taken up arms in Syria, in Yemen and in Somalia. The threat that these individuals could return home to carry out attacks is real and troubling.”

The hearing came about two weeks after the FBI and other officers arrested Basit Sheikh, 29, at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport on charges he was on his way to join Nusra.

A similar arrest took place in April in Chicago.

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