American-Islamic group responds to mosque protest

An American Islamic group have responded to the protest outside mosque in Phoenix.

American-Islamic group responds to mosque protest

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A protest and counter-protest took place outside of the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix.

Despite the event being called a freedom of speech even, insulting photos of the Prophet Muhammed and a cartoon competition were organised. Numerous Phoenix Police etofficers stood in a line between the protesters and a group of counter-protesters who arrived as the event began.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations responded to the protest saying, "Teaching people hate, and teaching people ways to kill people and throw pig blood or whatever it is these days, it's just really sad to see that," said Yasir Shareef, with CAIR.

Local Islamic community leaders are urging valley Muslims not to go to the event.

Ahead of the rally, city of Phoenix workers installed surveillance video camera on light poles outside of the mosque.

Police and the FBI gathered intelligence and monitored social media, but they say they were more concerned about people who are staying under the radar than they are about organizers and worshippers.

Neighbours in the area were terrified of what had been happening.

"I mean it's pretty scary because it's putting my kids in danger. It's just a religion. Everybody is allowed to practice whatever religion they like. I'm just guessing I'm going to take off with my kids during the time they come," said Adriana Viguiero, a neighbor.

Friday is Jummah, the Muslim day of communal prayer.


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