American Muslims say Obama: don't categorize us

Last month, a pilot counter terrorism programme launched and testing in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Boston.

American Muslims say Obama: don't categorize us

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President Barack Obama called on Americans and more than 60 nations on february to join the fight against violent extremism.

According to Dawn news, law enforcement officials have been doing such outreach for years. But now that federal officials are putting their stamp on it, some Muslims and others fear it is profiling disguised as prevention and worry it could compromise civil liberties and religious freedom.

There are different opinions between Muslim leaders who, on one side, argue that more must be done to fight extremism in their community and that this programme is a historic opportunity for input. Others fear the programme, which could be rolled out nationwide after being tested in other cities is just another veiled way for law enforcement to target their community.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 21 Nisan 2015, 10:19