Canada extends mission against ISIL for three months

Canada withdrew its F18 fighter jets in February 2016. It left available to the coalition its CP-140 Aurora surveillance and CC-150T Polaris refueling aircraft. Harjit Sajjan

Canada extends mission against ISIL for three months

World Bulletin / News Desk

Canada announced on Thursday it will extend for three months its mission against ISIL where it is part of a US-led international coalition.

Since deploying forces to Iraq in the summer of 2014, Canada has twice extended its mission for another year and expanded it to include Syria.

Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan said the North American country will now extend its participation in the fight until June 30 of this year.

The "scope and mission of Canada's military contribution will remain the same over the next three months," namely providing "advice" and "assistance" to Iraqi Security Forces, according to the National Defense statement.

Jonathan Vance, Canada's chief of defense staff, said in the statement that Canadian efforts are aimed at assisting Iraqi Security Forces to drive IS out of Mosul.

"While the geography and partners have expanded, the mandate of training, advising, assisting, and equipping remains unchanged," he said.

In total Can$306 million ($230 million) has gone toward funding the mission.


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