Criticism of US drone programme lands activist in prison

Criticism of drone programme in Afghanistan has landed activist in prison for 3 months.

Criticism of US drone programme lands activist in prison

World Bulletin/News Desk

US peace activist Kathy Kelly has been sentenced to 3 months prison for her criticism of the US drone programme in Afghanistan on the 10th December.

Considered to be Human Rights Day, peace activist Kathy Kelly was sentenced on the 10th December to 3 months prison by the US Federal court.

According to the Centre for Global Research the defence said that “The punishment for our attempt to speak on behalf of trapped and desperate people, abroad, will be an opportunity to speak with people trapped by prisons and impoverishment here in the U.S”

In the only public statement given, Kelly said that “Our trial was based on a trespass charge incurred on June 1, 2014.  Georgia Walker and I were immediately arrested when we stepped onto Missouri’s Whiteman Air Force where pilots fly weaponized drones over Afghanistan and other countries.”

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