Evacuations as Storm Karen heads to U.S.

The US authorities have ordered four evacuations as the tropical storm Karen approaches the state of Louisiana.

Evacuations as Storm Karen heads to U.S.

World Bulletin / News Desk

The tropical storm Karen looks set to disrupt US oil output as storm Karen wreaks havoc in the Gulf of Mexico. The region is responsible for 19% of US oil production and 6% of the natural gas. This storm comes rather untimely as a political crisis in the US congress has already shutdown the government and shaken the economy.

Karen is heading towards the state of Louisiana and is due on Saturday night. It is expected to later head into Mississippi and then Alabama on Sunday. Up to six inches of rainfall is expected as the storm also causes the sea to surge towards the US coast.

The mayor of Grand Isle, Louisiana, ordered a compulsory evacuation island south of New Orleans. The residents of Lafourche Parish and Plaquemines Parish have also been told to leave their homes by nightfall.

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